Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Bit Too Expensive But It's Great

Over $3000 at the moment but these electric scooters could really take off. When the Chinese start to make them watch the price drop.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gutsiest Workers Ever

There is no way I would do this. I just don't know how anyone would be paid enough.

Less Government Can be Ok, Maybe even a Good Thing

People often think that we need government, well we do but not nearly as much as you may think. Too much government excludes and discourages those groups that naturally arise in a society. Too much gov discourages charities or turns them into groups wanting handouts.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Strange Video Clip For Such a Popular Song

This clip looks like two slightly drunk girls who liked the song at school and practised their dance moves to it and made their own film clip. Terrible background, dresses and dancing. I'm not really sure why the girl in the white dress is even there.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ronald Coase - Great Short Essay

"This separation of economics from the working economy has severely damaged both the business community and the academic discipline. Since economics offers little in the way of practical insight, managers and entrepreneurs depend on their own business acumen, personal judgment, and rules of thumb in making decisions. In times of crisis, when business leaders lose their self-confidence, they often look to political power to fill the void. Government is increasingly seen as the ultimate solution to tough economic problems, from innovation to employment."

Read the whole thing -

Friday, September 06, 2013

Wind Turbines Not Just Useless But Bad For Everyone.

From Spiegel

"If there is too much power coming from the grid, wind turbines have to be shut down. Nevertheless, consumers are still paying for the "phantom electricity" the turbines are theoretically generating. Occasionally, Germany has to pay fees to dump already subsidized green energy, creating what experts refer to as "negative electricity prices."
On the other hand, when the wind suddenly stops blowing, and in particular during the cold season, supply becomes scarce. That's when heavy oil and coal power plants have to be fired up to close the gap, which is why Germany's energy producers in 2012 actually released more climate-damaging carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than in 2011."

If you add in the use of rare sand mining in China, the CO2 produced in their construction and installation and the decommissioning costs. Every time a turbine goes up we are worse off. All we can do is hope that the next government has the balls to get out of them and discourage their use.

Where are the Anti Bush/Howard as Warmongers Lefties Now?