Monday, August 19, 2013

GILLARD and RUDD Have left All Australians $13,000 a Year Worse Off

From Todays Herald Sun

"After the 2010 election, prime minister Julia Gillard expanded Kevin Rudd’s agenda. The people-smuggling industry, climate change complex, trade union movement and public service, which expanded by 13,000 full-time positions, enjoyed enhanced patronage at great expense to the wider population.

Indeed, to pay for these ideological flights of fancy, Australians have picked up an open-ended tab currently running at more than $13,000 per person. That’s from zero in six years. For a family of four, this is equivalent to an unwanted debt of more than $52,000 with little tangible to offset for it."

That $13k hasn't bought anything, hasn't built a project just $13k a year on ongoing wages and costs for nothing of benefit to Australia.

You can always count on Labor to piss your money away. Eventually you run out of other peoples money look at Detroit. 

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