Friday, August 16, 2013

Bertrand Russell Knew That All Other Political Systems Are Worse Than Capitalism

Capitalism isn't perfect nothing is. However it and it alone leads to an improvement in everyones well being.
From Kids Prefer Cheese.

(Okay, not exactly ON Hayek, but it is rather Hayekian.  The timing doesn't work out very well, since this was published in 1912.  But who knew that B. Russell was a proto-Austrian?)

From Proposed Roads to Freedom (1918): "We come next to the consideration of the economic power of the State and the influence which it can exert through its bureaucracy. State Socialists argue as if there would be no danger to liberty in a State not based upon capitalism. This seems to me an entire delusion. Given an official caste, however selected, there are bound to be a set of men whose whole instincts will drive them toward tyranny. 

Together with the natural love of power, they will have a rooted conviction (visible now in the higher ranks of the Civil Service) that they alone know how to be able to judge what is good for the community. Like all men who administer a system, they will come to feel the system itself is sacrosanct. The only changes they will desire will be changes in the direction of further regulations as to how the people are to enjoy the good things kindly granted to them by their benevolent despots. 

Whoever thinks this picture overdrawn must have failed to study the influence and methods of Civil Servants at present. On every matter that arises, they know far more than the general public about all the definite facts involved; the one thing they do not know is "where the shoe pinches." 

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Mark Bolton said...

Last place I worked there was a few blokes who were scientists. They were absolutists / perfectionists by temperament. They would say things in the smoko room like "Money is just an abstract construct". So are truth and Beauty. And "It isn't that Communism was tried and failed - it was never tried at all". I marvel that someone with tertiary education could be so abysmally stupid. Sniveling little Socialists that they were.