Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Music Great Gone

I know that each generation thinks it had the best music. I sound like my dad but I can't stand 99% of what passes for popular music nowadays. Anyway Ray Manzarek is gone. I think The Doors overdid the organ a bit but this is one of the all time great songs. Beautiful song combined with Morrisons amazing voice, it was magic.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kirsten Dunst is Turning Japanese

Great version of a wonderful song. I didn't realise how hot Kirsten Dunst is.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

How to Ruin a Yamaha XS650

The Yamaha XS650 was one of the prettiest bikes made. A copy of the traditional British upright twin, Yamaha made their version beautiful and reliable. Good condition ones are fetching good money on the secondhand market. This is what they looked like.

I prefer the gold colour but the green is good. Over the years these bikes have been popular among those who like to think they can "Improve" a bike. I can understand this when the bikes were about 10 years old. They were cheap and plentiful. But like all machinery time takes its toll and the original ones become far and few between.

I found this on ebay today. The blonk who built it took what he claims was a mint condition XS650 and "Improved" it by turning it into this.

He must be stuffed in the head, beside being unbelievably ugly is also utterly impractical. If it was mint condition it was probably worth in the $5000 to $7000 bracket. That lump of shit that he has turned it into wouldn't be worth $500. I wonder what the hell went through his head when he conceived the project. He must have smoked dope, speedballed and got drunk all at the same time. Then he must have stayed stoned long enough to do the damage he did and then he must have doubled all the drugs and advertised it for sale. He expects someone to part with $9000 for it. Talk about off your face. The only value left in the abortion would be a few parts and the the engine, if that.

I just don't understand.