Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taxation For The Public Moral Good.

“M. Joseph Prudhomme – I am in favour of moralising taxation; I would tax alcohol and absinthe so heavily that no one would drink them.
M. Faubert – In that case, your taxation would merely encourage smuggling.
M. Joseph Prudhomme – Smugglers will be prosecuted.
M. Faubert – A premium on smuggling manufactures criminals; that would be a certain result of moralising taxation.
M. Joseph Prudhomme – But I should be doing something to check the curse of alcoholism.
M. Faubert – Not at all; you would only be adding one evil to another. You cannot prevent a man from drinking, if he wants to drink. The only thing is, you make him pay dearer for it, and the dearer you make him pay, the more you deprive him of the money needed for board and food and clothes, both for himself and his family.”

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