Monday, March 18, 2013

Autumn Riding Weather

Such a nice day so rode up to the Tawonga Gap and Sullivans Lookout.


Mark Bolton said...

Good for you Bud! The mining game (exploration) is in bad shape thanks to our kleptocratic crew of scurvy scoundrels letting the tiller of state slap too and fro. I have had to get a town job so there goes my regular sojourns in the scrub. Gonna have to become a weekend pursuit. Hopefully once this situation firms up I will be able to make some financial commitment to airborne conveyances.

Take Good Care !

sfw said...

Things will change after the election but it's probably going to be too late for a lot of businesses. I doubt whether Abbott and his crew have the balls to do what has to be done. Just to get rid of all of Gillard and Rudds mess will take an enormous amount of work. On top of that the entire welfare system and industrial relations need a thorough going over. Not to mention selling off the ABC and SBS. Then hardest of all is paying of the massive debt that 5 years of Labor has left.

Hope the town job isn't too soul destroying. My wife may be taking on a 2 year remote area placement if so we'll all go it should be good. Hard but good. i love the outback.