Monday, February 04, 2013

Obama and Putin, What's the Difference

What do Obama and Russian President Putin have in common? They both like to have photos published which show them engaging in 'manly' activities, they also both like to display their upper bodies.

Putin likes to walk around sans shirt holding a rifle.

Obama likes to pretend that he can shoot skeet.

The trouble is I reckon that the Obama photo is fake. If he were really shooting skeet he would have to aim higher, he would have to lean much harder into the gun to absorb the recoil and what's with the smoke coming out at two angles? I reckon he's just standing there holding a gun and the smoke has been added afterwards and poorly at that. He can't even fake a photo properly. Like everything else associated with him and his presidency it's all sham. Smoke, mirrors and feel good. He's just a flimflam man who sucked people into voting for him and his bunch of crooks.

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