Monday, February 04, 2013

More Labor Waste

This time from 'The Age' and they love Juliar. It seems that Labor dumb promise to give every secondary student their own laptop has turned to shit, who would of that would happen. It seems that after spending $2.4 BILLION that's right BILLION dollars on student computers there isn't enough money left for other education expenses.

This site - Catallaxy has an excellent short post on the purchasing of these laptops. The government paid about $2505 per laptop and that was buying them in bulk. God knows how much they would have paid if they had bought them in small quantities. From Catallaxy - "Harvey Norman, which is rarely the cheapest place in town, is selling Toshiba Satellite C850/05D Laptops for $698 each. If Garrett had gone to the Harvey Norman website clicked “add to cart” and selected 957,805 computers it comes up with $668,547,890 (try it – it works!) with free pick up at the store or delivery “usually shipping within 2 days”."

That's right even Harvey Norman could have sold them delivery for $698. What a bunch of incompetent idiots. 

I thought RUDD was bad. This lot under that liar GILLARD are by any measure the worst government that this country has had the misfortune to suffer. I suppose that it wasn't technically misfortune as they nearly won a majority of the house. To think that there are still people out there who would vote for them next time. I just don't get it.

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