Tuesday, February 26, 2013

La GILLARD and Music

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Mark Bolton said...

One of the more galling performances was the Abbot misogynist spray. There is deeply intrenched sexism in this society and it is against men. Look at some of the ads on TV and imagine the hullaballo if the genders were reversed. I dont watch commercial TV but happened to see one advertising cars where a leggey chick beats up on a hapless socially inept guy for lusting after her. There are plenty of others.

If you have had any dealing with sexual assault cases you will know how unfair the system is to guys where are falsely accused. I know of a case where a man had consent in writing which the jury never saw. He was convicted. Did 2 years got out on appeal went to retrial. The woman admits to having lied and there is no penalty. She thought it was funny.

The Canberra hand bag hit squad fair make me furious.

sfw said...

All the leftie women seem to think that sexism is a one way street from men to women. They appear incapable of perceiving that women including themselves may be sexist. Don't get me going on sexual assault, the pressure on the police is to accept what women say and disregard the male story. Generally men are the offenders but there are a lot of women out who for various reasons lie or exaggerate about what occurred.