Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baillieu The Blonk

Ted Baillieu and the Libs managed to get themselves elected in Victoria. This had nothing to do with their policies or suitability to govern. It was just that the state had had enough of an incumbent Labor government that spent more than it earned and spent much effort in attempting to change the society. So there they were with Ted in charge and his clueless mates with him. They had policies or philosophical position, just a desire for power and privilege.

Ted the Clueless could have given something to his supporter base, such as getting rid of the charter of human rights, or dropping grants to leftie arty types, or any number of things. But Ted the Dill chose to do nothing, probably because as a silver tailed toff who mixes with the arty leftie types he had no idea of who his supporter base is.

Now it's finally sinking in that there is a good chance that the Libs could lose the next election so suddenly it's a mad scramble to do something. It's too late to take on major cleanouts of the judiciary and public service or to repeal legislation . So what are they doing?

1 - A dumb idea to make all drivers found over .05 to fit interlocks to their cars. It will not do a thing to reduce death and injury on the road.

2 - Another Dumb idea to ban the use of hands free phones in cars by P Platers. Again it won't do anything. A stupid girl who recently killed herself while texting when driving is trotted out as an example to justify the law. Well texting while driving was an offence when she dies, she chose to disregard the law, why would another law make things better?

3 - Another Law to make tailgating illegal. Dumb, it's already illegal.

None of these laws will make the slightest difference to the road toll. They are just last minute poorly thought out attempts to make Ted the Useless appear to have done something.

I don't want another Labor Government but I can't see that it would be much worse than Ted the Blonk and his mates. How about a government that repeal legislation and inculcates a sense of personal responsibilty in people and let people live as they choose as long as they don't harm others?

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