Saturday, January 26, 2013

Four Characters Walk Into A Bar

A Liar, A Shonky Solicitor, A Communist and a Desperate Woman walk into a bar.

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The Barman says "What will you have Ms GILLARD?"


Mark Bolton said...

Indeed I have completely lost track of the appalling things this lot have done and continue to do. Witness Swans bodyline inspired republic discussion unicorn following his abject failure as treasurer. But for sheer brachiating faeces hurling knuckle draggery the one that leaves the nastiest stench for me is the Australia Day Race Riot. Just the craven benthic lack of principle. Hoick Pttuiii!

sfw said...

"Benthic" I had to look that one up, good one and very apt. The strange thing as that there are many people who still support her and her rotten lot of arseholes. I suppose that when you rely on the government teat you support the government no matter how egregious they are.