Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Climate Commission Spivs

In todays Herald Sun there is an article explaining how electricity bills are going to rise by $64 per year to subsidise 'renewable energy". This is on top of the carbon tax and the current subsidies paid by people. Just about everything in the article is the opposite of the truth, yet the green carpetbaggers have no shame and ask that the government force people to pay more than they should so the carpetbaggers can continue to flog their useless products.

The 'Climate Change Authority' is the driving force behind the report arguing for an increase in electricity prices. This bunch of green dictators want you to be poorer so that their mates who flog 'green' products can stay in business. At its heart they want to force you to give (not spend) money to people they like.

From the article - "companies, which have been investing heavily in wind energy, said investor certainty was important."  Important!!!!! Bullshit!! Read it again, What it really says is this - "Companies that have invested heavily in products that unless people are forced to buy them will go broke unless people are continued to be forced to buy that product" . That's the essence of all these green schemes. Take money from some people and give it to other people.

Further - The Clean Energy Council backed the Authority's call, and deputy chief executive Kane Thornton said costs of the scheme were minor compared to the cost of inaction on climate change.
"It's a pretty low cost insurance policy from our point of view,'' he said.
Isn't it nice that Mr Kane Thornton thinks that forcing most people to pay their hard earned money for his dreams and plans is a "Minor Thing". I suppose that if someone stole a small amount of money from him he would consider it a "Minor Thing" as well. I can't see much difference between Mr Thornton and his green mates and the druggies who does a theft or robbery, after all they need the money and it's not much. Just a "Minor Thing".
It's a strange world where the 'supposedly' party of the working person - Labor has introduced taxes and levies on those people to support wealthy green investors. 
The sad thing is that there is no 'Climate Change problem' there never was and won't be. Just lots of spivs and con artists getting wealthy off the backs of ordinary people. 


Mark Bolton said...
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Mark Bolton said...

Blogger Mark Bolton said...

Lovely little climat you got 'ere Gov - shame to think summat narsty might 'appen to it for want of a little "insurance" - know what I mean ?

Mark Bolton said...

Seriously though I am agnostic as to Climate Change. The most pessimistic (hysterical) asymptote is being used by the carpetbaggers, standover merchants and other "useful idiots" of the anti industrial Left, Flim Flammery, Dobbin Williams and such.

The scientist in me sees the other asymptote as a change in climate of unknown consequence. As a species we have changed our environment for thousands of years.

I side with the proponents of nuclear power as a safe plentiful source of energy. A life without the benefits of technology and it's concomitant requirement for energy is unthinkable. Every day at work I see the historical evidence of the "old timers" doing it hard to win metals, meat, bread and a living from a savage planet. The "back to nature" econazis I meet could have no concept of how dreadful such a life must have been, spoiled as they are.

I gain hope from the young people I work with these days who are no longer infected with the anti nuclear, anti industrial propaganda and silent spring agitprop of the sixties.

The Atomic Insights website is a good place to start to research the truth behind these issues.