Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why Petraeus Is In The Poo and Why It Should Have Been Expected.

I came across the following article, it's a great read and true in every way. The thing is that feminists will be horrified and all the other PC people would not read beyond the first couple of paragraphs. Still it's a great summing up of the situation that General Petraeus has got himself into.


Mark Bolton said...

Thanks for the link on that. I must confess I never saw a link between Gender Studies 101 and Reality 101 or any call to reconcile the disciplines both.

The commentator is well versed in the latter school and you don't often see that perspective enunciated.

My self I was in North Queensland this week doing a subterranean test of sinew.

Males of the species do not see fit to endow a faculty of a university to inquire into their condition.

BTW I just gotta crow I got 88% for my Exam in Metallic Ore. Woo Hoo! Guess this means bread finds it's way to the table for my family. Just call me a troglodyte.

sfw said...

Yeh he writes well, wish I could write half as good....or maybe I do. 88% Bread for the table and parts for the plane. Good times ahead for you and your family.