Thursday, November 01, 2012

GILLARDS Life - The Movie

Maybe sometime in the not too distant future a film may be made of the life story of the current Prime Minister. It's too early as yet, for her final and complete downfall and disgrace is still to come. When the end does come for this egregious, lying, untrustworthy, ambitious, spiteful harridan it will be none too soon. There will be much good for the nation when her reckless, incompetent, wasteful government is dismissed in disgrace. The only ones mourning will be those whose income and ambitions depend on the public purse, and the professional feminists (much the same thing) who care little for women who achieve much unless those women are on what they consider the 'Right' side of politics.

Anyway when the movie is made I reckon that Jodie Foster would be ideal to play GILLARD.

The makeup artists wouldn't have much to do except perhaps harden up the lines on the face. I'm sure that wardrobe could produce a Bubbles De Vere outfit with particular focus on the rear end to sufficiently enhance Fosters own lower body to match that of the P.M.
After that the scriptwriters would have a ball. The story has everything, ambition, sex, adultery, ambition, legal circles, politics, ambition, power, ambition, unions, government, ambition, ethics, disgrace and downfall. I'd pay to see it on the screen. I'd rather see it there than in real life, unfortunately I don't have that choice. It is happening right here, right now and it's going to end in tears for the nation.

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