Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cheap Efficient Farming of the Foreseeable Future

Check out this link -  or watch the video below

I'll bet the Greens will hate it for god knows what reason, but when it becomes commercially available the cost of food will drop dramatically due to the much increased productivity and lower costs. We could have cheap natural gas in the very near future however the greens oppose that and the politicians listen to them.


Mark Bolton said...

Seems the contest is between science fiction and engineering fact.

Publications like New Scientist seem enthralled by Avatar like paradigms with regard to resource ownership and backyard steel mills like when the thousand blooms went off in china.

Every project glosses over the upfront energy hit only to bow it's way out of the door as some kinda putative "Carbon Saving".

I know engineers who play with swarming robots and ones that bend and meld PVs . All good young minds.

Problem is that technologies are a thing in them selves - they have no intrinsic political value.

Witness your history lessons where Comrade Lysenko who could make sure modern biology should serve the needs of the glorious People's Republic.

sfw said...

I see what you're getting at. However this is the sort of technology that if and when it becomes available will initially be only viable for large producers. Eventually it will trickle down to smaller farmers. The point is that this sort of thing could make for large increases in the productivity per acre. There were large increases in the mid to late 20th century, the greens have stifled the increase that could be made with genetic engineering. The use of robots to prepare, plant weed and harvest using the maximum area available would produce much more per acre. I hope it comes to fruition and I think it will. The question is when.