Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Western Values That Make Islam A Dangerous Religion

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Mark Bolton said...

I dont buy any of the commentry on the Libyan operation. All I can hear from the MSM is the clippity clop of charging hobby horses.

The clip of the "Innocence of Muslims" lacks any ring of authenicity. What is it with the overdubs? There is nothing of the Salmon Rushdie or Theo Van Gough about this. It smells like a false flag to me.

All this crap about NATO involvement in Gaddafi's overthrow inflaming the "Arab Street" despite our best intentions ? Rubbish. It was a well planned military operation timed with September 11 using the "unrest" as a blind / diversion. All this hand wringing about Islam vs the West shows how effective it has been as disinformation.

Lazy Liberal media missing the point. See how Leigh Sales stepped distastefully round the story ? Reluctant to have to mention it all.

Has all the hallmarks of a "cat's paw".