Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Germany is Building Many New Coal Fired Power Stations

You won't hear this from the mainstream media. They will be following the 'Green' policy of only publicising things that comply with Green thought. You often hear how Europe especially Germany and Spain are embracing wind power and solar and are getting rid of their coal power stations.

Well Spain is a basket case, no manufacturing or industry of any consequence. Who would invest there? Their power is extremely expensive and fluctuates with the wind and sun.

Germany knows this and their industries do not want to move to Asia so they don't want expensive unreliable power supplies. They are therefore building many new coal fired power stations. See this article for more info -

Yet here in Oz we have the worst government in our history running a wrecking ball through our power industry and encouraging the construction of massive solar and wind money holes. The only people who benefit from solar and wind are those who are already wealthy enough to get the government to subsidise them further. The average pensioner can't afford solar panels on their house yet they pay far more for electricity so the relatively wealthy person down the street can have their panels subsidised. Same for wind farms, only the wealthy owners benefit those who live nearby pay the price in noise, ugliness and lower property values.

Now the incompetent crooks in Canberra are slowly realising HOW THE CARBON TAX IS GOING TO RUIN MUCH OF OUR ECONOMY. So they are modifying it in their usual incompetent manner. The result will be a still damaged economy, a federal budget disaster and a huge mess that will be extremely difficult and damaging to fix.

We need to get rid of that incompetent former solicitor and her useless, idiotic utterly incompetent mates as soon as possible. I cannot understand how anyone with a modicum of intelligence could not be appalled by this government. Much less vote for them.

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