Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Icecaps are Fine, It's all Normal

This bloke says it far more eloquently than I can.

Germany is Building Many New Coal Fired Power Stations

You won't hear this from the mainstream media. They will be following the 'Green' policy of only publicising things that comply with Green thought. You often hear how Europe especially Germany and Spain are embracing wind power and solar and are getting rid of their coal power stations.

Well Spain is a basket case, no manufacturing or industry of any consequence. Who would invest there? Their power is extremely expensive and fluctuates with the wind and sun.

Germany knows this and their industries do not want to move to Asia so they don't want expensive unreliable power supplies. They are therefore building many new coal fired power stations. See this article for more info -

Yet here in Oz we have the worst government in our history running a wrecking ball through our power industry and encouraging the construction of massive solar and wind money holes. The only people who benefit from solar and wind are those who are already wealthy enough to get the government to subsidise them further. The average pensioner can't afford solar panels on their house yet they pay far more for electricity so the relatively wealthy person down the street can have their panels subsidised. Same for wind farms, only the wealthy owners benefit those who live nearby pay the price in noise, ugliness and lower property values.

Now the incompetent crooks in Canberra are slowly realising HOW THE CARBON TAX IS GOING TO RUIN MUCH OF OUR ECONOMY. So they are modifying it in their usual incompetent manner. The result will be a still damaged economy, a federal budget disaster and a huge mess that will be extremely difficult and damaging to fix.

We need to get rid of that incompetent former solicitor and her useless, idiotic utterly incompetent mates as soon as possible. I cannot understand how anyone with a modicum of intelligence could not be appalled by this government. Much less vote for them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lance Armstrong was Denied a Fair Go

This article sums up all the reasons why the USADA is out of control and should be dissolved. Armstrong never failed a test but is found guilty, does that mean everyone else that passed drug tests in that 15 year period was guilty as well?

The whole thing is a tragic farce, jealous little people who want to destroy those who achieve great things and the jealous ones succeeded.

We need more freedom and less interference with the way we live our lives.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Wowsers Have Won on Tobacco Now It's Alcohol

"Calls to end the curse of cheap booze"

This headline is from yesterdays Herald Sun. It could have directly from a 1920's American newspaper when prohibition was being pushed. Indeed it sounds very much like the anti alcohol temperance campaigners of the early twentieth century.

There are people in this world who have a burning desire to make others live in a manner that they think is the right way to live. These people cover their dictatorial nature under the guise of 'Public Health', Health and Safety' and dozens of other disguises. In their hearts however, they just think they know how you should live your life and will do all they can to impose their will on you.

The temperance campaigners really believed that the world would be a better place if alcohol was banned. The anti tobacco lobby is the same. Your choices in living the way you want is of no concern for them. They know better and will if given the chance use the law to restrict your freedom and to attempt to make you live as they desire you to live.

Many of those in the anti tobacco lobby, including the medical professionals would have been right at home in the Baptist Churches and the Temperance Leagues. They gather under other banners now such as the 'Anti Cancer Council' and 'Quit' but they are the same people. No respect for your freedom to live the way you want, they know better.

Well they have won on tobacco. When I say won I mean that those who smoke will continue to smoke however the cost is crippling and smokers turn to illegal tobacco (chop chop) or whatever they can get. Poorer smokers deny their children to fund their habit. It's the same with all illegal drugs.

Now they are turning their eyes to alcohol. The wowsers have always hated alcohol, they hate the pleasure it brings to 99% of mankind. They want you to live a sober measured life as they do. The article referred to in the above headline says that the 'Australian National Preventive Health Agency' I said above that they dress themselves in the cloth of those who would 'care' for you, well the agency wants the price of a cask of wine to $52 and the minimum bottle price of $10. I can't imagine what a bottle of spirits would cost.

So far their proposal has met with little support, but that won't deter them. Like the religious zealots of old they will keep pushing this until their ambitions are realised. Once these people would have been missionaries now they are members of the Greens or Greenpeace or anti tobacco or alcohol campaigners.

People will not stop drinking or smoking if they want to. I imagine that if the proposal to increase prices so much went ahead then the natural result would be a huge increase in home brewing and distilling. The wowsers would then want the police to enforce laws against these activities and it wouldn't be long before we had an ongoing bootlegger vs police battles similar to the current drug user/sellers vs police battles but on a much larger scale. Like prohibition and the war on drugs the end result would be large numbers of otherwise law abiding people being turned into criminals.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mid Morning Trip to Mt McKay

I skated and walked and side stepped up McKay today.

Fresh tracks on the south side.The communications antenna iced up
The West peak of Bogong jutting up through the clouds
View towards Spion Cope
The approach to McKay
I'm worn out tonight, but great fun.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've got a thing for Gina Riley (Kimmy)

Amazing People

I know I've posted this before however I love it. I wish I had the skills these old people have and their energy.