Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Steve BRACKS Doesn't Say

Steve BRACKS the former Premier of Victoria left politics (along with his deputy John THWAITES) at very short notice, this has never been satisfactorily explained. There were mumbles about family etc, however it is extremely unusual for two ambitious politicians, one at the top and the other almost at the top to quit their positions at almost the same time. There was little curiosity exhibited by the local papers at the time.

Now BRACKS is to release his autobiography. The Herald Sun has an article on it in today's paper and the website  . The headline is how BRACKS considered a royal commission into Victoria Police at the time of the gangland wars but was dissuaded by senior police who claimed that a commission would delay the Purana Taskforce investigating the gangland murders.

"I was told that the brief of evidence being prepared by the Purana taskforce would not be significantly affected by the terrible deaths of the Hodsons," Mr Bracks said.

What isn't made clear is that the Chief Commissioner at the time Christine NIXON was appointed by BRACKS, she appointed to Victoria Police Simon OVERLAND who became the head of the Purana Taskforce. If BRACKS had called a royal commission surely it would have reflected extremely badly on his appointing NIXON as Chief Commissioner (it ended predictably badly anyway) and his government. So what did BRACKS do? He established the soon to be dismantled OPI. The OPI has proved to be an all round disaster. I guess that was to be expected when its reason for existing was to try and fix up the mess that BRACKS and his government had created without actually making BRACKS look bad in the process.

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