Monday, July 09, 2012

More Scamming by the People Who Bought You 'Global Warming'

From Jennifer Marohasy's Blog.

"Thanks to Gary for his letter…

Hi Jennifer,

I am concerned that the Australian Public is not aware of the huge price hike in refrigerant gas prices due to the carbon tax.

Apparently the HFC’s that replaced the ozone depleting CFC’s are considered potent green house gasses and as a result of the clean energy bills are to be loaded with an equivalent carbon tax.

Until recently a 12Kg bottle of R134a could be purchased for a little less than $300. After a recent price rise with unknown cause the list price has increased to above $700. After July 1 the list price for the same 12Kg bottle will be $2181.84.

While each domestic refrigerator only holds less than ½ Kg of gas and the price of a domestic fridge will only have to increase by a small amount this is not the complete picture.

A car air conditioner holds about 1Kg and again the purchase price will rise by a small amount, however, the seals in a vehicle aircon are not perfect and it is common for them to require recharging a number of times throughout their life.

But the big crunch will be shopping centre air-conditioning and refrigeration where hundreds of kilos are used and very often due to many reasons gas charges are lost requiring complete replacement of the gas charge. The cost of a gas recharge could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This price rise will inevitably cause a knock on effect for all fresh food as it all refrigerated.

Regards Gary"

Just another step towards making life more expensive for the average person for no good reason whatsoever. No reason at all!! We will all be paying more for everything because of all these useless taxes. This whole global warming thing is just one giant scam to take money from the poor and send it to the rich.

Like rooftop solar panels. You never see the less well off, pensioners, average working people etc with the panels on the roof. No the panels go to the those who are already well off and the rest of us pay more for our power to subsidise those who are wealthy enough to afford the panels.

It's all a scam. Taking money from the poor and giving it to the wealthy.


Mark Bolton said...

The Bolt Question is miles ahead but the question

“You said that you wouldn't impose a price on CO2 until you had a deep and lasting consensus from the Australian people - When did you receive that consensus? and where is that consensus at now?”

is the better one - harder to dodge.

The old red herring about gay marriage is flapping on the sand.

sfw said...

She won't answer directly, not because she doesn't want to lie. But because she is incapable of telling the truth.