Monday, July 02, 2012

GILLARD and Co - Duplicitious, Lying Bastards, All Of Them

How can anyone defend the current government? They are led by a chronic liar, who is utterly incompetent. The rest are no better, almost bad to a man, definately useless, each and every one.

They destroyed a perfectly good border protection system, wasted massive money on pink batts and other crazy schemes. Established a tax on one of the basic building blocks of life, which is supposed to make the world cooler (crazy, impossible) all it will do is impoverish the nation. As well as hundreds of other crazy things.

Speaking of border protection, GILLARD and her crooks are in a coalition with the greens, why don't the greens vote for their Malaysia solution? They are in government together, right? YES. So they blame Abbott for what they created.

Now they have utterly ceded any claim to responsible government. Look at Craig Emerson below. He is acting like an idiot, he looks like and idiot and sounds like an idiot. He is in idiot. They whole stinking lot should resign, refuse to accept any form of pension and work unpaid for charities for the rest of their miserable lives. They may then some time in the future have some claim to self respect later in their lives.

This experiment with empowering morally challenged people is going to cost the nation dearly for many years. Our kids are going to be paying for this.

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Mark Bolton said...

"Out of my brain" indeed. This sort of puerile mockery didn't work when Albo guffawed about the "Convoy of Incontinence" and it just gets more like fighting words. I was a little to the Left of AJ et. al. during all that but felt insulted on their behalf. How dare you !! They are Australian voters who have the temerity to disagree. They don't deserve to be insulted. I would have been happy if he were to say "I'm sorry you don't agree but here is why we want you to reconsider..' Its called acting like an adult.

I don't recall anything from this mob that I would call dignified, truthful, professional or adult yet. The Australia Day Riot was the worst, for mine, but it is really hard to choose.

QED - they just suck !