Saturday, June 09, 2012

Bogus 'Asylum Seekers' = Illegal Immigrants

It seems that everyone in Australia except the Labor Party and the Greens know we have a problem with illegal immigration. GILLARD and HANSON YOUNG are either wilfully ignorant or liars, I'm know that GILLARD is a liar, unsure about HANSON YOUNG.

From the Australian

Of the 3237 asylum-seekers who admitted to flying to Indonesia on a passport, 3200 did not have any travel documents when they arrived in Australia."

These people had papers and destroyed them prior to arriving in Australia. Why would they do that? If they had genuine claims to asylum wouldn't their documents assist them in proving their claims? Apparently not.

Perhaps their papers would have shown them to not be asylum seekers just people wanting a better life.

Anyone who wants a better life by working hard is ok by me. Let them in. BUT!!!! NO WELFARE FOR 10 YEARS, NO GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE WHATSOEVER, I would allow them a lower tax rate to compensate for exclusion from welfare. If that doesn't work for them let them go back home.

85% OF THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE ON WELFARE FIVE YEARS AFTER GETTING HERE. These people have no desire to make a better life for themselves. They want a better life paid for by other people - YOU and ME. Paying lazy bludgers to come here and sit on their arses is plain madness. Why would anyone think it's a good idea.

Every pensioner and working person in this country lives a poorer life so that these LAZY BASTARDS can sit here taking our hard earned money. IT IS REALLY DUMB.

We are creating an underclass of permanent welfare sinks who have no idea of hard work or personal responsibility. Their whole life is TAKE, TAKE, TAKE !!!

Cut the welfare, if they want to work GOOD. If they want to go home PAY THEIR AIRFARE and GOOD RIDDANCE to bad rubbish.


godalpus said...

In the final analysis - It's all about how you sell it!

Mark Bolton said...

Oh Man I could go on about this for ages .. It makes me furious. I would mostly be reiterating the thoughts of others. Instead I will point out something that Gillard Hyphen - Young and the hand wringers have twisted royally. The comparison between the current ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the Indo Boat people of the late 70's. Absolutely chalk and cheese from a procedural viewpoint - most peole with half a noodle know this.

Here's the kicker. I worked with some of those guys back then. Hard Yakka on a pearl boat. Just once I tried to keep up with them and I couldn't. They were cheerfull and fun and bloody good workers. Get this. I once went to the home of one of them and they refused to speak Vietnamese in front of the kids. I was staggered - "What about your culture ? Thier relatives back in Vietnam ?" "Dont care ! Not important - They are Australians now"

WOW !! Would that more local born Ausies were so patriotic !

sfw said...

I'm with you Mark. The Vietnamese had extremely good reasons for getting out of South Vietnam. A few bad apples slipped through but in the main they are hard working, good people.

Funny how Labor under Whitlam was the party that wanted to keep them out. Whitlams famous quote "I’m not having hundreds of fucking Vietnamese Balts coming into this country with their religious and political hatreds against us!"

While I'm not sure how we came to be in Vietnam in the first place it was the withdrawal of the US (and us) that created the conditions under which they had to flee.

I wonder if the Whitlam Institute has that quote boldly painted on the walls. National Treasure??? The man was the worst PM in our history (now he's the 3rd worst). Fair Dinkum it's amazing how many academics and lefties have shit for brains.

Mark Bolton said...

The Lefties and the knuckle dragging racists both hated them. Thier politics was wrong. I mean what's not to like about national reunification?

One of them was sent to a rededucation camp where the lessons were those learned from being starved to death and shot in the legs. His crime? As a civil engineer he helped the Americans build bridges. I gave them a little reducation, myself, under the mast. I would strutt up and down the aft deck singing the Internationale. "When I sing that you tell me "Fuck Off!!"" Outstanding guys !!