Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama is a Disgrace


Mark Bolton said...

Hi Steve,

always interesting to see what issues you put out for consideration on your blogs.

This is live one for me.

In my youth I tried most of the mind altering chemicals on offer. Some are too yummy, hence to be avoided.
Others just make one dribble or entertain thought processes that are damaging. MMDA is probably the only one that is mostly innocuous - when I tried it it was yet to be outlawed.

My Dad was always totally anti. He thinks poorly of those that use drugs. I dont care one way or another but since my Dad thinks only ratbags use drugs, I never use them because, my standing in his estimation, means more to me than that dubious pastime. Nothing to me.

When I was in jail I saw such misery arising from drugs. Combine a flawed moral compass or personality with drugs, speed particularly, you have a recipie for catastrophe. Not just the individual concerned but the wider ripples of agony spreading through thier family and loved ones.

The obscenity of this cross cultural hypocrisy fair makes me boil. The blood soaked streets in South America fueled by the rivers of drug money from Middle Class USA.

Mothers and siblings of overdose victims in Australia. The guilt. "Why couldn't I have saved my brother /sister from the needle ?"

You are dead right Steve, it is far from funny. This counterculture flirting is a source of the deepest revulsion for me.

It is not a simple issue. When I was 18 I thought it was. Now I am 50 I see more layers than I can even imagine.

For a rep in public office to reduce the debate to the level of 15 YO about to toke on thier first joint ?

Absolute dereliction of duty!

For me, I will stick with Sport Aviation, it has all the threat to health and financial security of heroin addiction, but retains the geek factor. That's my style !!

Take Care Sunshine ..

sfw said...

I'm with you Mark. I don't, never have and never will use 'Recreational Drugs' however it's not the governments business what you choose to do with your life. I think that people under 21 should not use drugs, you make better decisions when you are over 21. The only thing drug prohibition leads to is peoples lives being ruined through criminal convictions for crimes in which there is no victim as well as a booming overpriced drug trade. If decriminalisation took plce the Mokbels etc of this world wouldn't have made a living. They would have had to get a job labouring or similar.

Good luck with the flying, I like motorcycle racing and heliskiing. They both leave you broke with a smile on your face.