Thursday, May 03, 2012

$1622 That's What Gillard Borrowed In Your Name

From today's Herald Sun, DID you know that you took on a new debt this year? Yes, you borrowed $1622 for every member of your household. Hopefully, you don't have a particularly large family

Gillard, Rudd with the approval of the Greens , the Independents and the rest of the Labor Party. borrowed $1622 for every person in Australia. That's just in the last 12 months, it doesn't include the money that they borrowed in the years before that. They have then pissed that money up against the wall by giving it to people they like and buying things that they liked.

They liked to put insulation in the houses of people who wouldn't spend their own money to insulate. They liked paying multiples of normal building costs to build a lot of school halls that weren't required, the builders and contractors liked it.

They like to give billions of borrowed dollars to people overseas. They give aid to the PLO, as well as many reasonably affluent countries such as Indonesia. They don't care if those people don't like Australia they just want to suck up to them by giving them money that doesn't belong to them.

They are spending billions of dollars borrowed in your name to pay for illegal immigrants to appeal in the courts as well as paying them extraordinary welfare packages. 

They are spending billions on green schemes such as wind farms, wave power, Geo thermal energy, solar panels and many other green dreams. If any of these things were practical there would be private companies trying to make a go of them. But they are not practical without massive subsidies paid for by money borrowed in your name. Greenbaggers - people who get the government to give them other peoples money for something of no value. Tim Flannery and his Geo thermal plant is one who comes to mind.

Each person in Australia has an annual interest bill (no capital repayment) of $256, so if there are four people in your family, your interest bill is over $1000 per year. So you are losing $1000 of your pre tax income just in interest on money you didn't borrow. To pay the debt off will take much more. Yet they keep borrowing and spending the money and giving it to people they like.

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Mark Bolton said...

Can you imagine the howls if a Conservative Government did such a thing ? I dont give this mob credit for anything. They are depressing.