Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bob Carr (and Labor) Want To Ruin Australia

Bob Carr, former premier of NSW is a strange man. He along with the rest of NSW Labor sent the state broke. They belittled their governor by removing the trappings of his office. Carr and NSW Labor appeared to despise the average person. I could never understand how they were elected and managed to stay in power so long.

Now Gillard has resurrected Carr and made him foreign minister. A dangerous thing to do for both Labor and Australia. Carr has already upset PNG and several other nations. Now he wants to give evidence to the International Court of Justice on behalf of third world countries. Carr believes that Australia, the US and other industrialised countries are damaging third world countries by CO2 emissions. Let's leave aside the blatant fact that there is no evidence of this. Why would Carr want to harm his own country? Does he hate us? Why would he propose this course of action? He is actively prepared to act in a manner harmful to Australia's interests.

For more information read the following SMH article -

If Australia had a sane government he would almost certainly be dismissed as foreign minister, after all what he is prepared to do borders on treason. Yet Gillard and the rest of the rotten lying, duplicitous members of the current Labor government ignore him. They ignore the terrible damage soon to be done to our economy by the carbon tax and all the others taxes they propose. They are doing anything they can to hang on to power and to impose their will on the Australian people. The sooner this stinking pile of shit that are currently in government are removed the better for the people who live here.

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