Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bill Shorten - Suckhole Moron

As noted on Andrew Bolts Blog. Even the English are making fun of our government and its ministers. Bill SHORTEN must have no spine, no integrity and no ability to think for him self.

The Headline.

Aussie minister takes brown-nosing to a new level

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Mark Bolton said...

That's what I thought too. I saw it in the Barrick mess at Leonora and it had the blokes jeering. But after a double take it made less sense. He could have dodged the question and still withheld his personal view - he definitely has the rind.

My take is that it is a calculated "Now look what she made me do" dummy spit. These guys are mired in a narcissistic drama much like Big Brother. The rest of the community look on like rubbernecks at a car wreck. It reminds me of that sense of despair you get watching a mad dog licking a window or snapping at flies, when you realise there's nothing for it but a bullet.

It has been an interesting few years with this mob though. Every time they pull a new stunt I am shocked. My Dad isn't - he lived through the Witlam Years. As Abbot said yesterday on Sky comparing these clowns with Witlam is a slur on poor old Gough. Sure he was a duffer but he meant well. This mob are just plain nasty.

sfw said...

There may be something of what you say about Shorten. To me he just came off looking like he has no balls.

I was 17 when Gough came to power. I had no idea about politics, was more interested in girls. All I knew that as a first year apprentice my pay went from $22 a fortnight up to about $38 a fortnight very quickly. No wonder we experienced massive inflation under his rule. He and the rest of his crew didn't understand basic economics, they just printed the money or borrowed it. The concept of productivity was unknown to them. Most of the Whitlam crew didn't have a clue but I think that most of them were decent people, there were a few exceptions Jim Cairns comes to mind.

It is unfair to compare the current lot with Whitlam. I thought Rudd was the worst PM we ever had. I didn't realise how truly bad a PM could be until Gillard took power. She and the rest of her rotten lot of slimy, moral free, lying, greedy sycophants are a dark stain on the history of Australia. I believe that she may damage Labor so deeply it may never recover. That's bad, all governments need strong oppositions and without that the next government may almost have absolute power, and we know what happens when that is the case.