Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Mad Idea That Bob Brown Would Love

The poms have well and truly gone completely mad. Their quixotic dream of a zero carbon emission economy has led them to paying wealthy landowners millions of pounds per year to build windfarms. The power produced by these windfarms is effectively zero and they are being built on the most beautiful parts of the nation. Madness.

Now the next step is to make it almost impossible to build a new house or renovate and old one. Read this  Where people will live and how they will afford it is not known. We have to get rid of our lying duplicitious prime minister and the greens asap. The sooner the next election comes the better for the nation.

All we really need then is to hope that Abbott grows some balls and completely dismantles the entire green dream of a zero emmission economy here.


Mark Bolton said...

We cant use fossil fuels for ever. Photovolataics and synthetic fuels will be the future. I am reading "Understanding The Science For Tomorrow Lecture By Prof. Jeffrey C. Grossman" and he seems to have it about right.

The Greens are doing far more to sabotage this outcome than any number of "Deniars".

I would liken it to wanting to build a computer before semiconductors were available and saying "We need to show the political will(spend billions of taxpayer dollars)to make a 3 bit 64 K computer using valve technology."

We just ain't there yet and until the technology is apropriate to the task dont waste the time and money.

sfw said...

You're right Mark, we can't and won't use them forever. When the reserves eventually shrink, which could take many many years the price will increase. When the price rises other technologies will become viable. What really stopped commercial whaling wasn't Greenpeace, it was kerosine. Until kero was freely available the best oil for oil lamps was whale oil, it was quite expensive. Cheap kero replaced whale oil and the industry became unviable.

By insisting that massive sums be put into 'alternative energy' the greens are only impoverishing us and delaying the invention and rise of genuine alternatives to oil. Funny how the best alternative to oil is shale gas. But the greenies don't like the idea of fracking and oppose it. They really are anti science and would prefer to see us all living a mid eighteenth century lifestyle.

Thanks for dropping past.