Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Want To Be Free

Further from the post below. The fun prevention / safety Nazis intrude into our lives in so many ways. The clip below was made in 1975 it shows a skateboard contest. The boards are primitive by today's standards, yet everyone is having fun. If this contest was conducted now the kids would be wearing helmets, elbow protectors, knee protectors and gloves at the minimum. The road would be fenced off with some sort of safety rail and there would be officials to ensure that all rules were adhered to. There would probably be a number of first aid officials. The organisers would have to obtain insurance, the police would be in attendance and the entire day organised right down to the last detail including assistants with water bottles to ensure that the boarders would not get dehydrated.

I'd rather have it the way it was. Probably not very well organised, free to wear what you felt comfortable in. Look after yourself and keep an eye out for your friends. I'll bet that there were no major injuries on the day, probably a few bits of skin missing and bruises but that would be about it. Best of all no one to sue, just take care.

We have lost so much.

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