Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 and 2012 Predictions

I made a few predictions at the start of 2011, they were as follows. I have noted how accurate I was under each one.

1 - Julia GILLARD will continue to be out of her depth, she will lurch from announcing one grand plan to another. None of these plans will ever be implemented.
I will take this as a win. GILLARD and her government are a disaster, Unfortunately she has come close to implementing some of her lunatic bribes to the greens.

2 - The Canberra press gallery will continue to ignore GILLARDS failings, and concentrate on Tony ABBOTT and the Coalition.

3 - Jesus will not return this year.

4 - A prominent Labor politician will become embroiled in a sex scandal (probably with members of the same sex).
True -

5 - A member of the Rolling Stones will put his cue in the rack.

6 - The Great Climate Change con will continue losing credibility with the general population, the last believers will be mainly Labor and Green politicians and all the carpetbaggers on the gravy train.
True, Durban was just another party for the first class passengers on the Titanic.

7 - Australia will have a wet cold winter with bumper snowfalls at all resorts (even Baw Baw)
Wrong, sort of. It was a wet cold winter however the snowfalls were average, which was a good thing.

8 - This will be seen as a sign of "Global Warming" by the above mentioned crooks.
I can't find any evidence of this, so I'll say I'm wrong. But I think I'm right.

9 - Australian (particularly Victorian) house prices will remain excessively strong due to increasing population and artificially restricted land supply.
Even with all the economic woes, prices are still very high.

10 - Carlton will win the AFL Grand Final.

11 - I will move to rural Victoria and run a motel.

Here a a few predictions for the next twelve months.

1 - The euro will cease to exist as a common currency across the EU, and the European project will begin to disintegrate.

2 - Labor will continue being miles behind the coalition in the opinion polls and dither over replacing GILLARD. RUDD will continue to be a pain for Labor.

3 - As a result of the above GILLARD will lose the prime ministership in the middle of the year and another Labor dud (not RUDD) will take over.

4 - I still think a member of the Rolling Stones will die in the coming year.

5 - Obama will lose the next US presidential election to the republican candidate who will not be Mit Romney.

6 - No 5 above will be wrong if Romney gets the republican nomination.

7 - A Victorian Liberal state politician will be involved in a sex scandal.

8 - I will improve my fly fishing and skiing.

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