Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why Does ebay Attract Bad Spellers?

My spelling and grammar leaves much to be desired, however I do try to get it right, ebay advertisements somehow attract people who are unable to spell at even a basic level. The ad below is particularly bad. It is probably the worst spelling I have ever seen. The title of the ad talks about a motorcycle 'Going Cheep', when I read that I though it may have been spelled that way on purpose to attract attention. Alas not. 

Below  is the text of the ad, it's abysmal.

today im listing my cb175 honda twin it runs ok but need carbs sorted out as i am running open filter and open pipes so its a non runner but have had it going a few times. now im going to list all the new parts i have replaces and the cons on whot need to be finishd. i will miss this bike alot but i have moved on and need to make room in my small garden sheed.
payed $600 for the bike wos a mess as a pic will show
striped bike to frame
sanded primed painted the frame
painted tank british racing green
pulled motor down cylinder honed the bors new rings and gaskets allen head screws are used all over the bike and frame
brand new tiers tubes over $200 their alone
new mufflers not stock ones $150
new clutch fitted in the motor
brand new seat $180
new battery but its been sitting 8munths so may be flat
new wire loom fitted $70 new key that i have not fitted!
heat proof painted the motor black and silver as you can see
new kits threw both carbs
new tap fitted on tank!
now the things you will need to do befor the bike is finished as im very picky and not happy with thew things i wont to list this bike best as i can!

whot she needs
head light fitted i have a light but missing globe
the carbys are out of tune so bike runs like poop
has a miss as it need new points has new plugs and lead caps fitted tho
piant has been eaten off the motor as i had to set carbs right
needs new chane and sprockets but still fine for now
one bog job on tank is not the best
needs the foot brake fitted i have that to go with bike
old kick stand hits on the muffler so i dont have it fitted but comes with the bike
seat i got wos for the rong yr so it sits way to hight! and looks silly so i took the mounting brakets off and the seat is just sitting on the bike that relly pisses me off but anyways
spear pars i have in the sheed will go with bike too a tank the old seat wich is stuffed but thear, blinkers the nug bar that bolts onto frunt of frame, old saddle bag frame, and whot ever els i fined. the bike is pick up only!!! from condobolin nsw 2877 so a ute or box trailer will be needed to pick up

im selling this bike as a non goer as i can not be stuffed to get it out and going for you but i can tell you it runs ok ish and will have vids of this!
i have missed alot on this bike! but please you email me if you are relly interested i can give you my number for a call as things like paint job on tank is not best and like i keep saying im picky! can have a look at bike befor bid as i dont wont bad feed back if you are not happy with bike after you have won the bike! 1st bid on bike and its yous!!!!!!!!!!!!! as i wont her gone.

not for test rides as it has no back brake pedle! and runs bad from the carby tune and the points so it is 90% finishd but need some work befor shes redy for rego!. look at the vids and threw the pics i have listed as good as i can thanks for looking
pick up only nsw 2877 condobolin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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