Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sophia Vs Holly

The stats for this blog clearly show that my posts of Sophia Loren photographs are the most popular by a mile. This one - has had over 29,000 views.

I've always thought that Holly Valance is gorgeous. Holly has recreated a couple of classic photos of late, there is her version of Raquel Welch, it's a fair effort and she pulls it off pretty well. I think that the original outfit was better and that Welch has a better face for the style of the photo.

Her latest is Holly attempting Sophia Loren.

Here is the original

Although the outfits are similar, the pose isn't right, Sophia appears to be slightly thinner at the waist and a little curvier in the upper thighs but that could be the pose. I don't like the way that Holly is leaning to her right, it just makes her appear to be off balance and awkward. Sophia however is almost square onto the camera, she appears balanced and in control and confident, whereas Holly has her breasts a bit squashed, Sophias are firm and full. Holly has a small necklace that sits too high on her throat for the low cut of her outfit. Sophias necklace is large and provides a deliniation between her decolletage and her face. Now the face that is where it all falls apart for Holly. Sophia has her face high, looking slightly away to her left, she appears proud and confident, her natural beauty is framed by the hat that dominates the upper part of the photo and balances her thighs, it's just about a perfect composition. Holly on the other hand has a large hat that seems to be designed for a middle aged woman to wear to potter in the garden, it's stiff and casts a shadow on Hollys face.Holly is wearing a smile that while pleasant is without any sexual appeal, it's more the smile that women wear when they are at the races and have had too much to drink.

It's a pity that Hollys photographer didn't take more time, I'm sure that she could come close to matching Sophia but not this time.

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