Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas To Those Who Take Pleasure From It

I'm starting to become accustomed to Christmas, I'd still rather go fishing on the day but that's not going to happen. Here is the sort of Christmas present I'd like Father Christmas to be bringing me.

Be good to see them under the tree on Christmas morning.

For your viewing pleasure, see you after Christmas.


dogs breath said...

i wish you a merry christmas

Mark Bolton said...

Back at'cha Mate ! This Christmas is the first in ages I expect to fully enjoy. Having a holiday in Tasmania with Mum and Dad and sundry siblings. The Lake at Isa is still a water playground for the good citizens. North Queeensland is a wonderfull spot. The scale of the cattle industry was a shock unlike the hatred for 4 Corners Joe Ludwig and the whole merry outfit.

Peace and Good fortune to yourself and family.