Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gary Glitter was at Festival Hall

Another concert I went to at Festival Hall. Gary Glitter, don't laugh I know he went off the rails in recent years. At least he paid the price, unlike Michael Jackson.

At the time of the concert Glitter Rock was huge and Gary Glitter was one of the biggest. It's still good music.


Mark Bolton said...

Hi Steve,
does Brian Eno count as glitter rock ? How about Radio Birdman as the first breath of fresh air as thrash/punk entered the Australian music vocabulary ? How about Dave Warner "From the Suburbs" as a local conservative analogue to Jonathan Richman's "Modern Lovers" repudiation of the "Hippie Johnie" brontosuarus. How about "The Pixies" from our soul mates across the water? The Angels. I wont labour it by pluggin Iggy and Black Flag. When working in the mines in Tassie the Poms gave me "New Boots and Panties" .... "HOWEVER!"
The Dingoes - I bet you expected me to come up with that one! "Way out west where the rain don't fall Got a job with the company Drilling...." Got my life in one.
On my flight back from Isa I saw Red Dog - tears of nostalgia were rolling down my face since I grew up in the Pilbara and saw so much I recognise and now own.

I was over the moon at how much the luvvies hated that flick. They weren't there, it isn't thier story. They figger if they didn't get to critique it it either didn't happen or was somehow beyond the pale.

Dont think I am having a go at your taste in music but, if we were getting the beers in, I might give you a good natured nudge.

Wind at your back good buddy!

sfw said...

Hi Mark

Never liked Brian Eno there is something strange about him. Dave Warner was ok, if you look at the web address above it's taken from his song. Never heard of the Pixies, The Angels were pretty good even if all their songs sound much the same. Iggy Pop I like and I've never heard of Black Flag.

Red Dog, I haven't seen it but I will get around to it. My youngest daughter (9) saw it and said that it was sad. Anything that gets the artistic set offside has to be good. Funny how Australia produces the best cinemaphotographers and other tech side people but rarely makes a good film. The problem is of course the scriptwriters, they all come out of the same schools and have the same backgrounds and political beliefs and don't realise that they are in the minority. If it wasn't for our taxes paying for their vanity shoots they would never make a picture.

If you are ever up this way let me know you can stay a night in the motel and we can argue over a beer. I'll do more posts on bands that I've seen.
PS I didn't pay for the Gary Glitter tickets they were given to me by a friend who worked at Festival Hall.