Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens and Orwell Both Died Prematurely

Hitchens is dead. There have been far better obituary's written about him than I could ever aspire to. I just would like to say that he has been a strong influence on me for many years now. The first time I came across his writing was back in the early 1990's. I was in a waiting room somewhere, possibly a dentists, I was flicking through the magazines as you do when I came across a copy of Vanity Fair. I had never read the magazine previously as it was very expensive and I thought that it was a fashion mag. Anyway there was a photo of an attractive woman on the front so I picked it up and browsed through it. For some reason an article caught my eye. I can't remember what it was about but I was impressed by the writing style and the way the author expressed his thoughts. His name of course was Christopher Hitchens. In the years that followed I read nearly everything that Hitchens produced. As an essayist he was superb. His books were cutting, brave and incisive.

Hitchens was very influenced by Orwell, I loved his book "Orwells Victory". I recall that somewhere in the book Hitchens lamented that Orwell died an early death at age 50, never went to America where he could have received anti biotics that may have cured his tuberculosis. Hitchens imagined Orwell surviving into late old age and becoming a curmudgeonly old man who would have continued to dissect the world and say what he thought needed to be said. Hitchens did not imagine at the time that he too would die relatively early at age 62.


Mark Bolton said...

It is prolix to go into the supposed road to Damascus of once ...yawn .. Leftie .. into this idiotic tendency of humans to draw complex concepts into false dichotomys then to pack on and barrack for one or the other till Hell freezes over.

Suffice that Hitch like a hero, piled into that POS Micheal Moore unlike the leftie water / orange boy quislings that applauded the "triglyceride wrapt in Rolex's" aims but distanced themselves from the means. By talking into thier sleeves.

Hitch is a great man - cant abide fools or self serving ideology. The world isn't just black and white ? Get outahere !

Vale Chris ......

sfw said...

You got me with prolix, I'd heard the word but had to go to the dictionary. Hitch was a great writer, I once emailed him asking if his views of the Vietnam war had changed. After all it was a fight against an aggressor. He never replied. Still I wish I could distil words as he could.