Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Bioscleave House of Horror

The house in the video below is designed to be lived in by elderly people and to 'Revitalise' them. It's a truly terrible place, I'd rather live in a humpy on the bank of a river than this house of horror.

Architects once designed beautiful places to live it's Bioscleave.

Via the always wonderful Althouse


Mark Bolton said...

That is appalling at so many different levels. That revolting woman chiding us not be have any overwheening feelings of being in any way worthwhile. The terrifying "space" itself.

I often dream of dystopian housing. It often takes the form of perverse attraction like living in deep space where all are crammed into tiny vents and tunnels and being able to extend one's arms fully verges on the agrophobic. Or some kind or Gormenghast with crumbling roof slate and labyrintine attics.

What they did redefines horror for mine. A throughgoing infantilisation of the soul. Very very scary.

sfw said...

You put it well. I just didn't have the words to describe how bad it is. I wonder who paid for the monstrosity? I would bet that there was government money involved.