Friday, November 11, 2011


If Europe doesn't sort out it's problems this may happen again.


Mark Bolton said...

Glad you found the Styen link usefull. Thanks for the link to EconTalk. I am very ignorant about Economics and some authoritive "reading" would be most welcome. Since a Geotech spends many long hours running instruments there is huge scope for spoken books and lectures. The Teaching Company provides excellent material which I guiltily download from Pirate Bay. "The REALLY Inconveniant Truth" and "Stupid Black Men" are two titles I particularly enjoyed last swing.

Mark Bolton said...

Regards WW1 I never tire of hearing the story about what started it off. There was a docco on the History Channel, Brian Blessed did the narration, where Churchill was quoted essentially saying war was a rather jolly affair up untill WW1 when the near certainty of getting killed took the gloss off it a bit. I must track the piece down because it is pure genius.