Monday, October 10, 2011

Aborigines want to live Sustainably?

From this mornings Herald Sun - "Utopia leader Rosalie Kunoth Monks told Amnesty chief Salil Shetty: "They're trying to starve us out of our home. They won't support us becoming sustainable in our own right."

'They' being all Australians who don't live in remote aboriginal settlements. These settlements have been operating since the late 1970's and have been fully funded by working Australians to the tune of millions of dollars each year. They will never be 'Sustainable' because there is nothing there. 

The residents could become sustainable if they chose to live as their ancestors did, by splitting up into small family groups and wandering the desert fringes and living off what they could hunt or dig up. The problem is that the residents of these communities don't want to live like that. It's a hard dangerous way to live with no comforts and the threat of starvation and thirst constantly with you.

No what these Aborigines want is to live in the desert in housing with all the modern comforts supplied by other people. They don't want to work, even if they did who is going to establish a business in a remote desert settlement with virtually no literate workers available.

Sustainable to these people is having someone else pay for the life they choose to lead. The stupid people from Amnesty sucked it all up and say thet hard working Australians should pay for these people to sit on their arses and do nothing.

Our taxes at work.

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