Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Myf Warhurst - Hottest Woman on Australian TV

Apologies for not posting for some time. I've been busy.

I watched Spicks and Specks tonight, it's a good show and I know most of the answers. The best reason for watching however is the buxom, beautiful Myf Warhurst.

She's bright, funny and sharp and has big bazoongas, what more could a man want?

The only thing is ....... tonight it looked as if she may have had a bit of Botox or similiar. Looking at her photos over time she had started to develop a few lines in the forehead area. Tonight she had a forehead that was smooth and fresh but when she smiled or showed emotion nothing happened there.

Nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery however I reckon the money would have been better spent on her boobs. Doesn't matter either way she's georgous. I've always liked brunettes.

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Raven LSONE said...

would like to see her tits