Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 Predictions

Everyone else has their list of predictions for 2011, so I may as well list mine.

1 - Julia GILLARD will continue to be out of her depth, she will lurch from anouncing one grand plan to another. None of these plans will ever be implemented.

2 - The Canberra press gallery will continue to ignore GILLARDS failings, and concentrate on Tony ABBOTT and the Coalition.

3 - Jesus will not return this year.

4 - A prominent Labor politician will become embroiled in a sex scandal (probably with members of the same sex).

5 - A member of the Rolling Stones will put his cue in the rack.

6 - The Great Climate Change con will continue losing credibility with the general population, the last believers will be mainly Labor and Green politicians and all the carpetbaggers on the gravy train.

7 - Australia will have a wet cold winter with bumper snowfalls at all resorts (even Baw Baw)

8 - This will be seen as a sign of "Global Warming" by the above mentioned crooks.

9 - Australian (particularly Victorian) house prices will remain excessively strong due to increasing population and artificially restricted land supply.

10 - Carlton will win the AFL Grand Final.

11 - I will move to rural Victoria and run a motel.

Happy New Year to one and all, here is my sentimental favourite.

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Mark said...

You're an idiot. Climate is real, and even if it isn't we should still be doing something about the crap we're spewing into the air supporting old misery guts's like you

sfw said...

Hi Mark

All I ask for is the evidence, when you get some show me. Until then I'm pretty certain who the idiot is.