Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why You Should Be Free To Do What You Want With Your Body

I am becoming more Libertarian with every passing year. I am at a loss as to who to give my vote to. The Labor Party and the Left of politics wants to control more and more of your life and take your money and give it to people it likes. The Libs are pretty lost at the moment. At the state level here in Victoria Ted Ballieu has no idea of what he or the party stand for. His only interest is in gaining power for it's own sake. The fool is even prepared to give the closest thing thing to a Nazi Party in Australia - The Greens, a leg up into power as has happened at Federal Level. The fool doesn't realise he is dooming himself and his party.

I want a political system that minimises the role of government and allows one to live as he or she chooses, the only time a government should interfere in your life is if you put other people or their property in peril. I would hope that we could get a political party that wants to repeal laws, get rid of entire government departments, enforce strong property rights and give people the liberty to live as they please.

This is a great essay explaining why you should be free to do what you want with your body, read it. I doubt whether Australia or Victoria will adopt a Libertarian Government in the near future but in the long term there are only two choices.
1 - More Government control over you and your property and higher taxes.
2 - Less government interference with you, your property and lower taxes.

That's it, where will we go?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Explaining Why Hayek is Important

I hope you all saw the Keynes / Hayek Boom and Bust Video. This takes it a bit further and gives a short Hayekien view on the World.