Wednesday, October 06, 2010

10:10 Sequel

I hope that you have seen the 10:10 video now. It's by Richard Curtis and it's a pretty honest mini movie. It shows what hard core "Greenies" would like to do to people who don't agree with them.

Boiling Frog has made a short sequel, have a look. I'm sure that Richard Curtis and the other people who thought that 10:10 was a good idea will not understand the message.

The point is most people on the left?green side of politics are anti human, and have a surplus of hate. Hate for themselves and the rest of humanity. It's sad but true. I was once a member of the Australian Conservation Foundation in the late 1970's. I left because I couldn't stand the sandal wearing, lentil and mung bean eating smelly, rude ignorant Nazis who were beginning to make their presence felt. Well they took over most "Green' organisations and now they are on their way to take over the "Left" side of politics. So Sad.

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