Thursday, September 16, 2010

If You Own BHP Shares be Very Afraid

Terry Mcrann rips into the CEO of BHP in this piece. I am serious BHP is a company that makes it money by producing CO2, for very good reasons of course. That CO@ keeps us warm, supplies the energy we need for our TVs, Washing machines, Fridges, Ovens, Cooling, Electric Blankets, Computers and virtually everything else we use. Now it's ok for a multi millionaire CEO to not mind paying more for these things, after all he earns more in a week than most of us do in a year.
But for people like you and me, any increse in the price of CO2 will lead to a reduction in our living standards. The bigger the increase the lower the living standard. This is true and even the most ardent believer in Global Warming/Climate Change cannot deny it.
It's rather strange for the CEO of a company to advocate a tax that will inevitably lead to the erosion of the companies value and its share price. Strange times indeed.
There is something deeply wrong with people who either belong to or vote for the Greens. They seem to either have an intellectual defiency or like Bob Brown have the ability to hold conflicting beliefs at the same time. I think it's called cognitive dissonance. Bob has it it spades. He's not dumb but seems unable to think through what will happen to the worlds population if his policies were implemented.
George Orwell once said something about many people being unable or unwilling to follow the consequences of their ideas to their logical conclusion.

Green Policies = Massive death in the Third World and a massive drop in living standards for those in modern socities.

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