Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There is a Special Place in Hell

There is a special place in Hell reserved for the people who designed the Land Rover Discovery. I happen to own one of these machines. Even though mine is a 1991 two model it is pretty good in the bush and quite comfortable to travel. The problem is that these cars were designed to be assembled by trained crews of miniature orangutans or some similiar primate. Any job on the car takes three times longer than it should purely because of the ridiculous placement of nuts and bolts. My clutch pedal has been losing height so yesterday I set out to put repair kits in the master and slave cylinders.

Time to get the slave cylinder out = 2 Hours, time to fit kit 10 minutes, Time to refit slave cylinder = 1 hour. Three hours work just in the removal and replacement of a simple part. Cost of kit $23.00 Most of the three hours was spent trying to loosen bolts that had been tightened up way beyond what is required, the rest of the time was spent trying to get to a bolt that holds the hose bracket for the slave cylinder.

The Master Cylinder, the dealer tells me that you can't get a kit for the master cylinder you have to replace it (cost $135.00). Time to remove and replace master cylinder = 2.5 hours.

If the bolts holding the master cylinder had been offset by 45 dgrees the job would have taken 10 minutes, but in true Land Rover style the designers placed the upper bolt directly behind the fliud reservoir witha gap of about 12mm to get the bolt in and started. Just ridiculous.

They are good cars but trying to work on them is incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brad PITT is an Idiot

When you read stories like this, it really convinces one that to make it in Hollywood you must have to have a lobotomy or similiar. Was Brad PITT always this stupid or did acting make him stupid?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

GT380 Problems

I had everything ready to reassemble the bike when I had a close look at the frame, unfortunately it's bent, real bad. There are no obvious signs of damage, however the cradle is forward of where it should be causing the engine to sit too close to the downtubes as in the photo.

There should be a gap as in this photo.

The frame is also bent through the central plane looking down on the bike.

The swingarm is angled causing the rear wheel to be at an angle to the vertical plane and out of alignment with the front wheel. I bought the bike partially assembled on ebay, the seller told me that he didn't have enough time or money to work on the bike as he had several T500 Suzukis to do. I saw the 500's and he seemed ok and the bike was cheap so I bought it. I'm disappointed with the frame however I can't say whether he knew it was cactus or not. I have been looking for another frame, I looked at one on ebay however it is in the U.S. and by the time it landed here it would cost in the region of $500. The other day I located a complete bike in Sydney less the tank, seat and engine delivered to Melbourne for $550. I bought it.

In some ways I should be pleased I originally wanted the 1972 first model 380 with the drum brake, however they are pretty rare and this bike is the drum brake model. I should be able to use most of my parts to complete the bike however it will have a 1975 model engine in it. So now I need to get a 72 model engine. Or at least 72 model shrouds. I will post some photos when it arrives. This what the first model looks like.