Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gt380 Ignition Settings

Things have slowed down on the GT at the moment, I am having trouble sourcing a set of points for the bike, although mine is a 1976 model it seems to have 1st model points on it and they are very hard to find. I may have to change the plate for a later model one.

Brad was asking me about Ignition Settings on a GT380, the manual says the following. A Dial Gauge must be used.

Points Gap: 0.35mm (14/1000in)
Ignition Timing: 3.0mm BTDC
Firing Order 1Left, 2Centre, 3Right

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Thom Glick said...

Have you tried Andersons Vintage Suzuki parts?

They're search engine sucks, so I just email them to see if they have the parts I need. Mine is a 1976 model as well. I'm converting the bike into a cafe racer/bobber... if you need anything let me know, I might have some bits to sell, mostly cosmetic stuff though.