Saturday, December 12, 2009

Say NO to RUDD, WONG and all the other WARMIST CROOKS

Those Nazi/Socialist/GreenGod Zealots and all the associated carpetbaggers are finally being exposed for what they truly are - either out and out crooks and frauds or deluded souls who have found religion in the eco/gaia beliefs.
Watch out for these people they want to reduce your standard of living to that of the average Zimbabwean. Next time some idiot starts talking about 'Climate Change' ask them for proof, the best they will come up with is to babble about 'Consensus'. Consensus means nothing only facts count and the fact is the climate has always changed and will continue to change and that man has very little if anything to do with climate on a global scale. If you value your standard of living and your freedom say NO to RUDD WONG and all the other Warmist Crooks on both sides of politics.

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