Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emily Gap Camel Farm - Centralian Staff Tours 1978

I spent much of 1978 working for Centralian Staff Camping Tours. It was a wonderful job, the pay was lousy and the hours long but it was mighty fun. I worked the Central Australia area. The group photo for each trip was taken at Noel Fullartons Emily Gap Camel Farm. Noel was a wonderful character, he gave a great presentation and always had a story to tell. He let me ride a camel in one of the races on the 1978 Camel Cup Race Day. I made it to the finish but was no where near the pace. I had more of these photos but can't find them at the moment.
Centralian specialised in Camping Tours, I wonder if they still do camping tours now?


Picky Insane Culling Method said...

I went on one of those tours just after Cyclone Tracy struck! We never made it to Darwin, I'll get there one day. :) Brilliant fun! I remember the flood one night when we camped in a river bed and we were floating in our tents. When we sat up wondering what all the commotion was about we all got saturated. lol The loo didn't work on the bus, the eski's were always needing ice, it was so hot. At the pub at Ayers Rock on new years eve, I had my first beer. Horrible stuff but it was cold. Look at those hair doo's. lol. What great memories from that trip. Ahh, wish we could do it again.

sfw said...

Yeh, they were great fun. Generally the toilets on the coaches worked, the staff said they didn't so they didn't have to clean them. Hope you get to Darwin one day.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Picky, I used to work for centralian too. Am hoping to organise a couple of CENTRALIAN TYPE SAFARIS TOURS LATER THIS YEAR. IM 57 NOW Will try to be a good courier. Keep in touch. see the australian transport blog on centralian tours.

cheers bus man

sfw said...

Hi Bus Man (should be Coach Man) hope your camping tours take off. Let me know how you go.