Friday, August 21, 2009

GT380 Restoration Update

Well I now some time to spend on the GT380, however I'm a little unsure of what to do now. I've stripped it down to component parts, I was thinking about doing a basic cleanup of everything and putting the bike back together as original 'condition'. Most parts are pretty good and only need a cleanup, however some parts are severely pitted and rusted, if I get them rechromed the rest of the bike will look stupid and tatty, but if I don't the worst parts will look really bad and unroadworthy.
The shockers and many other parts have pretty good chrome considering how the bike has been stored prior to my buying it.
See how the chrome on the guards is almost rusted away.

I really wouldn'y mind doing a complete restoration on the bike but that will take a lot longer and cost a heap more. So I'm just pondering my next move and getting prices on chroming etc. Any one out there have any ideas?