Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stage One Dismantling GT380

I am beginning the first stage of getting the GT380 going again today. I am not going to restore this bike I want to get it into a rideable roadworthy condition but in fairly original condition ie minimal repainting (if any) and generally just cleaning and polishing what is there. There are a couple of parts that I have to think about, for example the sidecovers are not the original ones and have been painted a crappy blue colour sometime and the seat has had a very ordinary repair job. I'll work it out as I go.

So this morning I'm taking the engine out, I don't know if it is seized or what condition it is in as there is no chain or kickstart on the bike, but the carbys are frozen so I anticipate a fair bit of work. I have a rebuild kit on hand and hope to get the engine internally into very good order. I am not going to polish the external surfaces just clean them up. As I am doing a very demanding training course for the next couple of months my father is going to start on the engine for me, he is a qualified experienced mechanic and has a fair bit of spare time since he retired. He wants to do the whole bike but I want some fun too.

Anyway here are a couple of shots prior to engine removal.

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