Sunday, August 24, 2008

THE OLYMPICS - Give me my money back

In todays Herald Sun - each gold medal won by Australia so far has cost $17,000,000 that’s right seventeen million dollars. Why does our state and federal governments take our hard earned money and use it to send a bunch of primping sport people on holiday? That money comes out of all our pockets, from pensioners to big corporations. It’s not the governments money it’s ours, yet they force the money out of us and spend it on sporting holidays for a select few. If people and sporting organisations wish to compete at these competitions why don’t they raise the funds themselves and see what people will really spend their money on if given the choice. Another dimension of the absurdity of this whole taxpayer funded junketing is the size of the team. If every other country sent the same number of athletes per size of population there would be something in the vicinity of 850,000 competitors in Beijing. At least most other countries do not waste their citizens money on holidays for athletes and officials.

How about the state and federal governments stop giving out arts and sports grants and let those who have a love of or interest in a particular sport or pastime spend their own money supporting it? I fail to see why the money I work so hard for should be forcibly taken from me and given to some so called sportsperson or artist. Let them seek their own patrons and let me spend my money as I see fit.

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