Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ho do we get Rid of Brumby and Co?

The left of politics never stops trying to restrict our freedom. Victoriand have always been able to set up camp along the Murray and many other rivers and places. Every summer, easter and long weekend there are thousands of happy people enjoying camping and fishing. The greenies HATE this, because they can’t control it. They want you to behave as they see fit, what you want to do has nothing to do with it. So now the Victorian Government wants to ban camping and fishing along the Murray. They will bleat on about environmental damage etc, but thats all BULLS**T, what they really want is to stop the average person doing what they want. It wasn’t that long ago you could set up camp almost any where along the coast, now it’s almost impossible to find a place where you can. Look at the sandunes, nearly every sandune in Vic is fenced off, to prevent ‘Damage’, yet over in SA you can drive along the beach, camp in the dunes and generally do as you please.

How can we stop these low key socialist/left/green dictators? On his site ‘Dissecting Leftism’ John Ray makes the point that what the left really want is to control you, Leftists hate people and they want to change people into their own image. I an starting to despait over the prospects for Victoria, Ted Ballieu has no idea except get condoms into prisons and be lefter than left. When will he realise that no matter what he says and does that even though they may praise him the left will never vote for him, at the same time he alienates the general population. Can we get a party that aggresively defends and promotes individual and private rights, restrict government interference and encourages personal responsibility? I just can’t see anything on the horizon.

I Feel Sick

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